Upgraded to “Zhuhai National Economic and Technical Development Zone” from Zhuhai Gaolan Port Economic Zone, Gaolan Port witnesses its spring of scientific development. Know More...

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    World Level Ship and Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Base
    National Petrochemical Base.jpg
    National Petrochemical Base
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    National Clean Energy Base
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    Regional Port Logistics Center

Gaolan Port has become a hot spot for well-known enterprises like World Top 500 companies.

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    Regional Advantages
    Advantage of Port Transportation
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    Terminals Inventory Management
    Talent Advantages
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    Industrial Concentration Advantages in Gaolan

Open a “green channel” for enterprise to invest, dealing with more than 100 approval and registration services including enterprise set up, approval in safety, environmental protection, labor use, extinguishing and protection, construction, land planning, etc.

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    Enterprise Investment Procedure
    Preferential Policy Overview
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    珠海市 鼓励引进总部企业的实施意见
    珠海市 重大投资项目引荐人奖励办法
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    珠海经 济技术开发区投资优惠的实施方案

Here is the birthplace of Nan Yue(Dynasty) “Baojing Civilization”. It was one of the origins of Maritime Silk Road in one thousand years ago. In the Baojing Bay of Gaolan, there is a historical site - inscriptions on cliff surfaces, from Bronze Age with history of more than 4,000 years, which was brand of marine civilization of Gaolan.

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    Natural Gas Byproduct Processing Project
    Yacht Supporting Project
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    Fine Chemical Projects
    High-end Equipment Manufacturing Project (Marine Engineering Equipment)
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    Olefin Downstream Supporting Projects

As an agency of Zhuhai Government, Gaolan Port Economic Zone enjoys municipal economic management authority and independent financial management authority.

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    China Air Show (Zhuhai)
    Education in Zhuhai
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    Gongbei Commercial District
    Medical Care
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    Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom / Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
    Hotels & Restaurants

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